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You have to be registered to use an application.

There are two types of registration - one for couriers and one for clients. Both registrations are 4 step process to fill the related information.

To use an existing registration to log-in as a courier:
username: testcourier1
password: testcourier1

To log in as a client:
username: testclient1
password: testclient1

Courier's mobile application can be downloaded from the related link.

After authorisation "Bookings" link appears for clients and "My Jobs" for couriers

After authorisation "Edit Account" link appears at the top of the page to edit user's details.

Menu "Information" holds only general information about the project.

MSc ACT Course Project. Couriers Online System. Proposed to organize couriers online job flow,
including registration, tracing status and proof of delivery.